Episode 29: Birth Order

Are you the oldest, youngest, middle or only child?  Let's see if your birth order has anything to do with your personality style.   Conversation s...View Details

Heather takes us on a journey back in time to the world's oldest known personality test, The Four Temperaments.  Greek physicians claimed to know all...View Details

Do you believe your personality and destiny are written in the stars?  Is astrology for real or just a bunch of hooey?  We were surprised to hear al...View Details

Do you love the episodes where you can play along and take a personality test with us?  Then you're in luck!  Today we take The Castle Test, a quic...View Details

Today's episode explores the topic of hoarding and organization.  Are you a collector?  Is your space always cluttered?  If so, do you tend to acqu...View Details

Are you classically masculine or feminine?  Are you somewhere in the middle or a little bit of both?  Come listen as we discuss gender roles and tak...View Details

Today we took an assessment to determine what we value most in our personal lives and at work.   Free version of values assessment:  Click here Fu...View Details

Episode 22: Shadow Work

Wow...this one was so hard to record!  Join us as we expose some of our deepest and darkest feelings about ourselves.  It's an interactive episode, ...View Details

Yet another personality test you can take as you listen!  Would you open the door for a strange man that is screaming for help and sounds insane??...View Details

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about your personality?  Well, we certainly have!  So for today's episode, we paid to have our han...View Details

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