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This episode was so fun for us!  We did the Koch Tree Test, which is typically used in child therapy.  We each drew a tree and then interpreted our ...View Details

We dipped into the book Kokology today and tried a quiz called Dr. You.  We had to pretend we were therapists (ha!) and answer questions about our of...View Details

We took a test written by someone unknown and falsely attributed to Dr. Phil.  It's called How Do Others Perceive You?  It's a quick, easy and free...View Details

Ever hear of the Dark Triad?  It's the three personality factors that can lead to a dangerous combination and a potentially risky person to be around...View Details

So one day a goat, a tiger and a rooster decided to make a podcast.  This is the result. Listen to us read all about our Chinese Zodiac animal symbol...View Details

Episode 35: Doshas

What is a dosha, you ask?  Great question!  We talk all about the 3 energy systems (kapha, pitta and vata) within our bodies and how they influence ...View Details

Get ready for a relational test that is supposed to reveal all about your hidden sexual desires! And to get things started, we each pick a stone that ...View Details

If you love relational personality tests, you'll get a kick out of this episode!  We take a walk on the Love Path and find out how our choices along ...View Details

Has anyone ever said you're too sensitive?  Have you wondered why you don't fit in?  Do you suspect you feel things more intensely or deeply than th...View Details

Erin finally gets her turn in the hot seat to disclose all about her deepest fear.  Many of us might relate to this discussion.  And for our convers...View Details