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Erin finally gets her turn in the hot seat to disclose all about her deepest fear.  Many of us might relate to this discussion.  And for our convers...View Details

Episode 22: Shadow Work

Wow...this one was so hard to record!  Join us as we expose some of our deepest and darkest feelings about ourselves.  It's an interactive episode, ...View Details

We venture into a fascinating topic on this does someone become a serial killer?  We delve into areas such as criminal profiling, murde...View Details

In this episode, Amy opens up about her deepest fear.  Dive in with us as we discuss this dark topic. Link to purchase the book: The Exorcist by Wil...View Details

TRAILER: Personality Pod

Welcome to the Personality Pod!  We are so excited to announce our new podcast is being launched on Friday, January 4, 2019!  We are professional c...View Details