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How old is your inner child?  How do you release your inner child?  How much of your personality is ruled by the little you?  We took a boatload of...View Details

Relational tests are what ya want?  Then that's what you'll get!  Another quiz today that you can take along with us as you listen.  You never know...View Details

Episode 35: Doshas

What is a dosha, you ask?  Great question!  We talk all about the 3 energy systems (kapha, pitta and vata) within our bodies and how they influence ...View Details

If you love relational personality tests, you'll get a kick out of this episode!  We take a walk on the Love Path and find out how our choices along ...View Details

Erin finally gets her turn in the hot seat to disclose all about her deepest fear.  Many of us might relate to this discussion.  And for our convers...View Details

Episode 29: Birth Order

Are you the oldest, youngest, middle or only child?  Let's see if your birth order has anything to do with your personality style.   Conversation s...View Details

Heather takes us on a journey back in time to the world's oldest known personality test, The Four Temperaments.  Greek physicians claimed to know all...View Details

Do you believe your personality and destiny are written in the stars?  Is astrology for real or just a bunch of hooey?  We were surprised to hear al...View Details

**DISCLAIMER** This test uses diagnostic language related to mental illness.  We are not trying to diagnose ourselves or others.  We do not think me...View Details

TRAILER: Personality Pod

Welcome to the Personality Pod!  We are so excited to announce our new podcast is being launched on Friday, January 4, 2019!  We are professional c...View Details