We venture into a fascinating topic on this episode...how does someone become a serial killer?  We delve into areas such as criminal profiling, murder statistics, and the crimes committed by the notorious Trailside Killer, David Carpenter.

Books we talked about this episode:

Gotti: Rise and Fall

Goombata: The Improbable Rise and Fall of John Gotti and His Gang

IT by Stephen King

The Anatomy of Motive

The Stranger Beside Me: The Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Link to database on Serial Killer Statistics by Radford University/FGCU Serial Killer Database

Link to Criminal Profiling PowerPoint by Jordan Green & Cecilia de Antueno

Link to Dr. Daniel Amen's TED Talk:  TED Talk

Link to story about neuroscientist with a psychopath brain scan: Dr. James Fallon


David Carpenter a.k.a The Trailside Killer




Heather Scaggs
Ellen Hanson
Richard Stowers
Cynthia Moreland
Shauna May [not pictured]
Diana O’Connell
Anne Alderson
Anne Kelly Menjivar
Cecelia Ann Sheppard
Bryan Hartnell
Mary Frances Bennett

Link to Wikipedia page for killer who left "kill kits" around the country: Israel Keyes


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