Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about your personality?  Well, we certainly have!  So for today's episode, we paid to have our handwriting analyzed at www.scanmyhandwriting.com in an effort to learn all about the hidden meaning behind loopy Y's and dashes over our i's.  It didn't quite turn out how we expected.  Also, for our conversation starter, we decided what type of movie we would love to be featured in and which actress would play us.  Who would play you??  

Link to have your handwriting analyzed for $40:  Handwriting Analysis website

If a movie were made about your life, what genre of movie would it be and who would play you?  

Heather chose "Drama" and Rachel Bilson to play her:



Amy chose a "Psychological Thriller" and Megan Fox to play her:



Erin chose "Comedy" and Melissa McCarthy to play her:


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