We found a fun quiz on YouTube called "How Dark is My Dark Side" and we enjoyed it!  Guess which one (or two) of us will let the doors close if someo...View Details

Episode 13: Nightmares

On today's episode, we discuss lucid dreaming and nightmares.  Probably the first of many similar episodes, this topic gets us into juicy conversatio...View Details

We venture into a fascinating topic on this episode...how does someone become a serial killer?  We delve into areas such as criminal profiling, murde...View Details

Episode 11: The Oasis

This is a quirky little episode where we try yet another relationship personality test.  No preparation necessary.  Simply hit "play" and come take ...View Details

This episode we explore the idea that people give and receive apologies in five different ways.  Ever wanted to know why some apologies fall flat whi...View Details

Laugh along with us as we take this relational quiz.  Wait till you find out what the body of water represents! We had a good time with this one.  H...View Details

What were you like in 6th grade?  Were you popular, a loner, somewhere in between?  Find out how your personality back then could influence who you ...View Details

Today we discuss how we express and receive love, all thanks to this free and easy quiz called The Five Love Languages.  How do YOU feel loved??   ...View Details

This is a popular personality test called the Enneagram.  Have fun guessing which of the 9 personality types best describes you.  Or better yet, tak...View Details

Episode 5: The Cube Test

This is a fun relational quiz.  You're going to enjoy finding out what your responses say about your personality at the end of this episode! Link to ...View Details

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