Episode 22: Shadow Work

Wow...this one was so hard to record!  Join us as we expose some of our deepest and darkest feelings about ourselves.  It's an interactive episode, ...View Details

Yet another personality test you can take as you listen!  Would you open the door for a strange man that is screaming for help and sounds insane??...View Details

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about your personality?  Well, we certainly have!  So for today's episode, we paid to have our han...View Details

One of the most popular personality tests EVER is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and we're tackling it today!  Betcha can't guess which one ...View Details

The Five Factor Model of Personality Assessment is one of the most widely accepted measure of personality by mental health professionals.  We took th...View Details

Heather takes a turn in the hot seat and shares all about her biggest fear.  What scares you the most? What are you addicted to?  Leave a comment he...View Details

Episode 16: Humor Styles

Bet you can't guess which one of us has a *Raunchy* sense of humor!  The Humor Style Questionnaire was developed by psychologists Martin, Puhlik-Dor...View Details

We dig deep and with the help of a few quizzes, we learn about how we tend to express our anger.  For a conversation starter, we each share our favor...View Details

We found a fun quiz on YouTube called "How Dark is My Dark Side" and we enjoyed it!  Guess which one (or two) of us will let the doors close if someo...View Details

Episode 13: Nightmares

On today's episode, we discuss lucid dreaming and nightmares.  Probably the first of many similar episodes, this topic gets us into juicy conversatio...View Details

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